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You decide, 'what do I want to customise my photo mugs with?'

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Email it to me using the button on the right.

I'll do the design and send you a proof if you want one.

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Sit back and await your new personalised mugs, knowing that you've just helped start a fundraising project to get off the ground.

buy cheap personalised mug

Since 1st August 2011 you've helped raise £375 towards the first target of £600.

Thank you so much. Bryan

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Buy Personalised Mugs and help a fundraising project



Cheap Personalised Mugs - Customised Photo Mugs

How to buy cheap photo mugs

All our mugs are at one price no matter what you want to personalise it with.

Photos, text, maybe a company logo mug? As long as the images are yours to use, (we really don't want to be up in front of the copyright judge now do we?). We do all the design work unless you have something in mind or on file to personalise it with.

Once you buy personalised mugs, we will customise them, post and will usually arrive within 3 working days, if you need it sooner just let me know and I'll see what I can do to speed it up for you.

What you need to do...

Buy a mug or two, or more.

Take a look at the mug artwork page for how to personalise it.

Yes it's as simple as that to buy cheap photo mugs and help a fundraising project.

Please click the 'further info' button for more details. Or give me a call for details.

01434 381722.

If you're in the area, call in. If I'm not too busy I'll produce personalised mugs whilst you wait, if you're in a hurry or want a quick reminder of your trip to Alston in Cumbria, an area of outstanding natural beauty. Maybe I should produce a few customised mugs with some of the great scenery we have around here? Steam railway mugs? I've already customised mugs for the South Tynedale Railway, which is right outside my front door.